How we treat each other around the office

How we treat each other around the office


If a chunk of your Helpline reports stem from interpersonal issues—like general lack of civility and professionalism—you’re not alone.

And, that’s no surprise. Like college roommates, sometimes our day-to-day interactions get tricky because everyone has their own norms and pet peeves.

For some, this comprehensive conversation guide is a nice refresher to keep on track. For others, it’s a learning tool: Respect in the Workplace 101. Either way, hold employees accountable by explaining exactly what respect looks like. Then, when someone ventures into the “not this” column, you have a great coaching tool to close out those Helpline reports!

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This piece is from our "Values in Action"/"Leading our Values" series—tools that are designed to give your folks practical guidance on how to live out your organization's values on a daily basis.