What to do when an employee raises a concern

What to do when an employee raises a concern


So, your employees feel comfortable raising concerns to management.  Good! Your speak-up culture is on the right track for success.

But wait, have you trained your managers on how to handle these delicate conversations? Prime your managers with the knowledge they need to make employees feel heard, get to the bottom of concerns, and confidently communicate next steps with this module. It even shows managers when to go to HR versus Compliance so that everyone can be assured that the issue is in the right hands—and that nobody’s time is being wasted. 

Pro tip: This can easily be adjusted to train up anyone in the org who might receive concerns (e.g., HR, legal, investigation teams, champions) so employees have a consistent experience no matter who they speak to first.

Want to give your managers even more speak-up support? Share Broadcat’s Has an employee come to you with a concern? job aid and video with them and watch your speak-up program thrive.