Video: Non-retaliation for Managers

Video:  Non-retaliation for Managers


In this short, targeted training video (0:44), managers will learn how they should address employee concerns to encourage speaking up and prevent retaliation claims.

We’ll guide them through how to react when an employee raises a concern using specific examples so it really sinks in. Then, we’ll cover what NOT to do to help avoid anything that might cause a chilling effect on reporting.

Want to make a lasting impression? Follow up with Non-retaliation for Managers: (Do This, Not That) and some of these other related pieces for reinforcement.

License heads-up: this isn’t an editable format, so the usual edit/remix/Frankenstein/etc., rights don’t apply. Contact us if you want it customized and we can give you a quote!

Who’s it for?

Managers Ethics Ambassadors