Video: Conflicts - Do any of these apply to you?

Video: Conflicts - Do any of these apply to you?


In this short, targeted training video (0:43), employees will learn when and where conflicts often arise and why disclosure is in their best interest. 

We'll start by breaking down just what a conflict is, then cover the different types of conflicts, and wrap it all up by explaining that having a conflict isn't necessarily an issue, but not reporting it is!

Don't forget to give your team members one of these job aids that link to your disclosure form and where to go for questions, and put a bow on your training plan with these awesome awareness tools.

License heads-up: this isn’t an editable format, so the usual edit/remix/Frankenstein/etc., rights don’t apply. Contact us if you want it customized and we can give you a quote!

What does it cover?

Conflicts of Interest