New employee orientation (mini-module)

New employee orientation (mini-module)


This simple mini-module helps bring new hires quickly up to speed on the company's compliance program without overwhelming them.

New employees tend to worry about, in order: (1) where is the bathroom, (2) who is my manager, (3) how does healthcare work, (4) can I watch YouTube here or do they block it, and (5) how do I do my job.

At some point they’ll get around to “how do I do my job compliantly," largely because they already assume they know how to do that. But it will not be the first day—and because of that, if you dump too much information on them during orientation, they’ll think you’re just trying to check a box.

So, we put together three slides for you to use during new employee orientation, hitting just the basics: introducing that you have a team, you have a Code, and you have a hotline. It flags that compliance is part of work at your company and that it’ll be an ongoing discussion, not a one-time event. 

Add this mini-module to the Annual Refresher Course or pair it with the accompanying job aid for max cultural impact.

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