Compliance Project Planning Toolkit

Compliance Project Planning Toolkit


Spinning your wheels is only fun if you're drag racing in an IROC Camaro. Keep your projects tight, focused, and measurable with this brutal strategy kit.

Never let a project wither and die again due to “wait, why are we doing this?” This multi-part beast gives you a toolkit for thinking through strategic objectives—and how you’re going to show measurable value to your business in a big way.

This six-part kit includes: (1) a checklist and guide, (2) a high-risk process map, (3) our famous book, (4) a compliance tools chart, (5) stakeholder and project planning worksheets, and (6) a success and failure worksheet. Whew! It’s a lot. Want more details? Check out our product video!

Who’s it for?

Compliance Team

What does it cover?

Program Essentials