Broadcat Icon System

Broadcat Icon System


With this tool, you go from “licensing content” to “using a design system.” That's because we created a drag-and-drop visual dictionary to help you bridge the gap between our content and yours. 

Inside this monster, you’ll find 101 standardized, Broadcat-only icons, ready to be plugged into your unique collateral. The more your employees see these icons, the faster they’ll know what to do—and the more useful your guidance becomes.

You’ll get the icons and definitions from all five of our icon packs:

  1. Bribery and Business Courtesies 

  2. Characters, Roles, and Miscellaneous

  3. Documents, Approvals, and Business Processes

  4. Entities and Information

  5. Speaking Up and Characteristics

Looking for something more sleek and minimalist? Take a peek at our Line Art Icon System here.

What does it cover?

Program Essentials