Module: What can I ask a candidate during the hiring process?

Module: What can I ask a candidate during the hiring process?


Hiring is exciting (finally, all hands on deck!) but if anyone on the team slips up and asks the wrong question during the interview process—stormy seas are ahead!

Fear not matey, because this module is loaded with detailed guidance and specific examples of what’s OK to ask, what questions need the Captain’s aye, and what’s in dangerous territory. Stoplight charts and a hyperlinked table of contents, make it quick and easy for your crew to navigate through all the topics below:

  1. Work Status, Languages, Race, Color, and National Origin

  2. Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation

  3. Work Experience, Education, Training, and Age

  4. Competitive Information

  5. Work Availability

  6. Religion, Organizations, and Affiliations

  7. Military Service

  8. Family, Pregnancy, and Leave

  9. Home, Living Situation, and Address

  10. Appearance

  11. Health, Disability, and Genetic Information

  12. Workers’ Compensation

  13. Arrests and Criminal Convictions

  14. Financial Status and Credit History

The real treasure is how easy it is to integrate this resource into your existing hiring process. It’s turnkey ready, but there’s plenty of space to add custom examples based on your industry or real-life tales. 

Pro tip: Pair it with this accompanying infographic so your hiring teams have a cheat sheet at their fingertips during interviews. Savvy?