Ethics Ambassadors Onboarding

Ethics Ambassadors Onboarding


Ethics Ambassadors are great for building a culture of compliance. But this is often a volunteer role, and it’s likely your people already have A LOT going on. 

Set your folks up for success by giving them our Ethics Ambassadors Onboarding module. In 24 slides, it outlines the roles, expectations, and boundaries of the Ethics Ambassador using our classic, visually-engaging style. Your Ambassadors will love it because of its low-impact, high-reward structure. You’ll love it because we’ve included 7 instruction slides that walk through the purpose of each section in the module and tips to optimize your Program.

Make the info really sticky by grabbing the materials referenced in the slide deck. Boom! Instant comm plan! And bonus, you’ll receive a one-time code to grab a handful of the leader-led toolkits at a discount to level-up your Program.