Broadcat Line Art Icon System: Entities and Information Pack

With our exclusive icon system, you can take your policies, Code, presentations, and other guidance to the next level. These sleek, minimalist icons are ready to drag-and-drop into your projects to bridge the gap between our content and yours. You can even give them a color pop with your company colors. 

Inside this pack, you’ll find 15 standardized icons along with descriptions of how to use them to make your job a breeze! The more your employees see these icons, the faster they’ll know what to do—and the more useful your guidance becomes.

Want to get your hands on all 101 standardized icons? Get our full Line Art Broadcat Icon System here!


Need a way to represent different entities—like a government organization or healthcare facility—or describe how to handle confidential information or IP? You're in luck! 

With this icon pack, you’ll be able to illustrate concepts related to entities and information with simple yet traditional imagery that will resonate with your employees—regardless of where they are located.  

This is the line-art version. For a more colorful look, check out the classic version.

Want to get your hands on all 101 standardized icons? Get our full Broadcat Icon System here! Or grab the Icon Pack or Bonus Illustrations that support your current efforts.