Social Media Module

Social Media Module


Help your folks avoid saying dumb stuff on social media without sounding like everyone’s Aunt Irene. This simple, friendly visual guide pairs well with our social media checklist and any IPA that has a strong citrus note.

This Guide gives each of the 7 checklist items its own page with detailed guidance on what’s OK and what isn’t, so employees can understand how the principles work in practice and apply them in new situations (thanks, science!). You can use it for in-depth training on the topic, as well as hosting it on your compliance intranet as a drill-down resource. That way, if an employee isn’t sure what to do on a specific checklist item, they can do a deeper dive into this guide.

For M&A, R&D, and other teams who have highly sensitive info, check out the enhanced guidance in our high-risk social media flowchart.