Email Signatures: We Give Wisely

Email Signatures: We Give Wisely


We love it when employees are passionate about giving, and we want to support their causes. But that doesn’t mean we can (or should) donate to everyone’s GoFundMe or fly a client on a private jet.

Help your folks understand what giving wisely looks like by adding these to your email sign-off during giving season or including them in your regular rotation of signatures. They’ll think twice before charging a diamond necklace to the company card or selecting “no receipt” at the register.

Looking for some even more specific scenarios to clarify your gift-giving? Link the signatures in your email to our relevant job aids like Business Courtesies: What Can You Do?, Can I give or accept this gift?, and Can they accept it? job aids. Not sure how to add a hyperlink to an email signature? Check out our guide on the blog.