Annual Refresher Course / Basics Module

Annual Refresher Course / Basics Module


Still stuck doing annual check-the-box training? Gross, and sorry. But hey, at least this kit will make it 10 minutes long and actually relevant to every employee. So, you've got that going for you, which is nice.

The ideal annual refresher training: simple, fast, and actually relevant to every employee—annual training is inherently checking a box, and this helps you do it in a way where employees say “oh, this makes sense that I have to read this.”

This course covers compliance process (Code, hotline, disclosures) and a simple rundown of what every employee needs to know, from your CEO to your interns. It also includes a one-pager that runs down the “what everyone needs to know” bit so you don’t have to gamble on employees memorizing stuff. We’ve embedded extensive instructions and a discussion of why each slide is in the deck to help make customizing simple, too.

Who’s it for?

All Employees