Video: Anticorruption for Salespeople

Video: Anticorruption for Salespeople


We like to keep it funky fresh, so we’re introducing a new simple way to connect with your sales people and talk practically about anticorruption. Hang on to your knee socks, because this video breaks down four A/C areas—government deals, managing third parties, gifts and hospitality, AND charitable contributions in a way that isn’t sleep-inducing or over-the-top.

It’s an easy watch, helping you to meet your Sales Team where they are, frame up your compliance resources, and give them that Goldilocks amount of information to spot situations where they need to check in with you, the real compliance pro.

License heads-up: this isn’t an editable format, so the usual edit/remix/Frankenstein, etc., rights don’t apply. Contact us if you want it customized and we can give you a quote!

Who’s it for?

Sales Team Ethics Ambassadors

What does it cover?