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  • Email Signatures

    Email Signatures

    Don't waste the chance to get your compliance message out there; use this easy guide to incorporate it with every email. You ever seen folks who have compliance team branding, with their own signatures? Those are cool. But you know what’s better?...

  • Going on a business trip? (Overseas travel checklist)

    Going on a business trip? (Overseas travel checklist)

    This piece is famous for a reason! These simple to-do's prepare your international travelers how to be safe and ethical abroad, without getting mired in legal details. This checklist covers the trade control, cybersecurity, privacy, anticorruption,...

  • Overseas Travel Module

    Overseas Travel Module

    Behold: a simple, immersive way to give your employees detailed guidance on overseas travel risk. It's set up to tie to other parts of your program and pairs well with our travel checklist and a nice pinot. As seen in the video tour of Design Club, this...

  • Laptop get swiped? Report it!

    Laptop get swiped? Report it!

    Make sure your folks know that when their tech is stolen, call the company—now.

  • Going on a trip? Protect your data!

    Going on a trip? Protect your data!

    Show your folks these simple, but vital, rules for keeping company and personal info from being stolen while traveling. It’s not always intuitive that travel creates risk—people lose stuff, they get their computer stolen, hackers target...