Introduction to Behavioral Science

Introduction to Behavioral Science


Since youre a member of Compliance Design Club, youre already familiar with how Behavioral Science-led methods can deliver better Compliance outcomes. Wouldnt it be great if you could use those same techniques in developing your Compliance frameworks and content? Well, now you can thanks to the "Introduction to Behavioral Science" training. 

Specifically designed for Compliance professionals, this course will give you a basic understanding of how our brains work and the cognitive processes we use to make decisions. Learn why we can sometimes make bad decisions and the three things that are most influential in determining how we make choices.

Once you understand those, you can use them to design your Compliance program in a way that makes it more likely your target audience will do what you want them to. And for those areas where it matters, you can also increase the quality of employee compliance.

Your course bundle includes:

  • a 30-minute training video;
  • an enhanced audio (MP3) version of the video content;
  • a transcript of the training;
  • a one-page summary of the key points; and
  • a recommended reading list.

Who’s it for?

Compliance Team

What does it cover?

Compliance 101