Use of Company Assets

HR Team

  • Approving employee transfers?

    Approving employee transfers?

    Transfers aren’t simply logistics—they involve trade, IT, and ethics issues, too. Use this simple checklist to confirm relevant issues have been vetted before the employee is already at their new desk. Not only does this piece work across...

  • Departing Employee checklists

    Departing Employee checklists

    Employees departing may be routine nowadays, and that's exactly why you need these checklists. Make sure you and your teams get what you need before the employee is out the door! We created two checklists for completion—one for the employee, one...

  • Going on a trip? Protect your data!

    Going on a trip? Protect your data!

    Show your folks these simple, but vital, rules for keeping company and personal info from being stolen while traveling. It’s not always intuitive that travel creates risk—people lose stuff, they get their computer stolen, hackers target...