Power tools

  • Email Headers

    Email Headers

    Captain Obvious says, “if you want people to read your stuff, you have to get them to look at it first.” But that’s tough when you’re competing with overstuffed inboxes, constant IMs and notifications, and other distractions...

  • Module: What can I ask a candidate during the hiring process?

    Module: What can I ask a candidate during the hiring process?

    Hiring is exciting (finally, all hands on deck!) but if anyone on the team slips up and asks the wrong question during the interview process—stormy seas are ahead! Fear not matey, because this module has 15 slides loaded with detailed...

  • Virtual Backgrounds

    Virtual Backgrounds

    Video meetings allow you to easily conduct business and share info from wherever you are—sometimes a little too easily—but these virtual backgrounds have your back, literally! Use them to remind yourself and others to keep unrelated work docs...

  • Overseas Travel Module

    Overseas Travel Module

    Behold: a simple, immersive way to give your employees detailed guidance on overseas travel risk. It's set up to tie to other parts of your program and pairs well with our travel checklist and a nice pinot. As seen in the video tour of Design Club, this...