Intellectual Property


  • Competitive Information: New Hire Screening

    Competitive Information: New Hire Screening

    Hiring someone from a competitor? You've got risks. This guide breaks down responsibilities and tasks to make sure everyone is coordinated—and it works as a record for due diligence, too! In the rush to hire someone, it’s easy to forget that...

  • Virtual Backgrounds

    Virtual Backgrounds

    Video meetings allow you to easily conduct business and share info from wherever you are—sometimes a little too easily—but these virtual backgrounds have your back, literally! Use them to remind yourself and others to keep unrelated work docs...

  • Conference Room kit

    Conference Room kit

    Gary knows he's supposed to wipe down the whiteboard before kicking on a video call, but he got worked up talking about his Game of Thrones fanfic that he forgot...and now your engineering data's been leaked. Help all your Garys keep it together with...