Social Media

Employees Who Use Computers

Government Relations Team

  • Email Headers

    Email Headers

    Captain Obvious says, “if you want people to read your stuff, you have to get them to look at it first.” But that’s tough when you’re competing with overstuffed inboxes, constant IMs and notifications, and other distractions...

  • Video: Before You Post

    Video: Before You Post

    In this short, targeted training video (1:11), employees will learn how to steer clear of work-related hazards on social media. Like a trusty Driver’s Ed instructor, we’ll talk your employees through how to think proactively, so they...

  • Virtual Backgrounds

    Virtual Backgrounds

    Video meetings allow you to easily conduct business and share info from wherever you are—sometimes a little too easily—but these virtual backgrounds have your back, literally! Use them to remind yourself and others to keep unrelated work docs...