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Employees Who Use Computers

  • Email Headers

    Email Headers

    Captain Obvious says, “if you want people to read your stuff, you have to get them to look at it first.” But that’s tough when you’re competing with overstuffed inboxes, constant IMs and notifications, and other distractions...

  • Harassment: Cyberbullying

    Harassment: Cyberbullying

    “Stop being a jerk on Facebook, Caitlyn.” But like, in a fun campaign format. Using collateral in you can print in multiple formats (screensavers, posters, mousepads, and coasters), this campaign drives home the simple message that your...

  • Harassment: Inappropriate Computer Usage

    Harassment: Inappropriate Computer Usage

    No matter how hard IT tries, you can't block all the porn. Use this messaging to remind people that looking at dirty stuff at work is insanely inappropriate and disrespectful. Everyone “knows” they’re not supposed to look at dirty...