Code of Conduct


  • Email Signatures

    Email Signatures

    Don't waste the chance to get your compliance message out there; use this easy guide to incorporate it with every email. You ever seen folks who have compliance team branding, with their own signatures? Those are cool. But you know what’s better?...

  • You are responsible for what you know - screensaver

    You are responsible for what you know - screensaver

    Keep your Code of Conduct top-of-mind and aligned with everyday tasks with this screensaver. Even better? It's part of an entire system: use it with our Annual Refresher Course and Basic Code of Conduct Obligations infographic for a...

  • New Employee Orientation slides

    New Employee Orientation slides

    This simple guide helps bring new hires quickly up to speed on the company's compliance program without overwhelming them. New employees tend to worry about, in order: (1) where is the bathroom, (2) who is my manager, (3) how does healthcare work, (4)...