Bringing Behavioral Science to Compliance

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Bringing Behavioral Science to Compliance is a practical workshop that follows on from the Introduction to Behavioral Science course which is also available in Compliance Design Club. By the end, participants will:

  • Learn a practical framework that will enable them to begin implementing behavioral interventions; and
  • Understand some of the most common applications for behavioral science within the compliance context


The workshop consists of three units:

  • 30 min pre-workshop consultation session designed to allow me to understand the specific challenges you're facing in your compliance program;
  • 1 hour interactive workshop during which I'll teach you a practical behavioral science framework, that you can deploy right away in your compliance program; and
  • 45 min post-workshop follow-up session to help you get the most out of the framework.


To support the workshop, you’ll initially receive: 

  • pre-workshop questionnaire to help identify areas where behavioral science interventions can have most impact in your organization.

After the consultation you'll receive a customized eWorkbook containing:

  • summary of the practical framework;
  • copies of the materials used in the presentation
  • worksheets to facilitate implementation in your program; and
  • suggestions for implementations.

After the training, you'll also receive an audio (MP3) summary of the framework.

Who’s it for?

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